Manage innovation. Analyze data. Execute.

Technology is great. It is what we are best at. But our focus is on the business that the technology is here to help, and most importantly on the value that is delivered to the business's clients. What characterizes Codole is the symbiosis of business and technical vision of its experts, and their pragmatism.

The Codole expertise is organized in 3 divisions: Innovate, Data and Execute.




Great technology often results from Research & Development activities. We help you identify, formalize and valorize these activities so your business gets the most out of them. We assist our clients in defining solid R&D programs (background review, work direction, collaborations) and in managing them (funding, reporting, Intellectual Property, promotion). Our team has a track record in obtaining grants for R&D programs. We also give recommendations to help you best protect and make the most of your IP assets with an optimal and custom combination of patent, secret, copyright, open source and dual licensing.

When the technological uncertainties have been addressed and the commercialization phase is ready to begin, we provide strategic recommendations for managing the development of your product, based on the lean methodology.




Data science, and more specifically Machine Learning, can deliver tremendous value in a business. It may either be used behind the scenes for recommending actions to take that will result in additional revenues, or within applications to make them smarter and thus to improve users' experience. We have developed a methodology for this which we have introduced in a first book of reference on prediction APIs: Bootstrapping Machine Learning.

Business Intelligence is of particular interest to executives as it provides reports and predictions forming a custom dashboard that helps them steer their business in the right direction. It gives them insights into how to run their business more effectively and more profitably.





Our experienced team can provide help to act on our strategic recommendations or to integrate the use of data further into your business or your product.

The Codole Execute division also specializes in developing and promoting web apps that provide the best experience to their users. If you need additional resources to design and ship top performing apps, we will help you achieve your objectives faster. We believe that the best apps are made by developers who know how all the pieces fit together: front and back end, User eXperience, tests, deployment, etc. We systematically measure the performance of our work on a usability level, on a technical level (client and server) and on a commercial level.



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