Codole is currently hiring talented marketers, software engineers and developers! Internships are also available throughout the year. Read on if you are interested...

Do you like challenges?

We have plenty of them as our global mission is to help startups excel in their innovation projects.

Codole Data helps companies bootstrap the use of Machine Learning in their web applications and in their business. This entails capturing data, extracting meaningful information, enriching it with open data, using stats and visualisation tools to analyze the data, coding predictive systems, testing ideas and measuring performance. As a software engineer within Codole Data you would be programming with Scala and/or Python.

Codole Execute provides resources to help companies design, create and promote top performing apps. On the technical side, we develop web and mobile apps that provide the best experience to their users. We believe that the best apps are made by developers who know how all the pieces fit together, so as a team member you'll be involved in all aspects: front and back end, User eXperience, tests, deployment… You will be measuring the performance of your work, both on a usability and on a technical level (client and server). For some extra fun you'll be able to play around with the latest html5 tech in the browser and to experiment with cool new frameworks (Node and Meteor).

Do you want to grow?

Codole has a training program to help you develop your skills, both technical and interpersonal. The content of your technical training would vary depending on your expertise. Our interpersonal training currently focuses on work methods that will serve you in the rest of your career (organizing your workload, making yourself accountable, working autonomously, collaborating in-person and remotely, making the most out of meetings).

We think that one should teach everything one knows, so when working with us you'll be writing articles about what you learn and you'll be giving talks — we'll help you. This is particularly useful for our interns as it helps them write their reports and pass their oral presentation in a breeze.

I very much enjoyed doing my internship at Codole. It was exciting to work on something that had never been done before, and I learnt a lot in the process. My supervisor was open to discussion and willing to spend time to help and give explanations when needed. Also, free fridays were awesome as I could take time to read ebooks and to write blog articles — a great way to clarify your thoughts!
Quentin Dechaume, Ensimag Engineering School Student
I really liked the challenging environment and the diversity of my work. As a business student, I wasn’t restrained to traditional business tasks, I also had the opportunity to work on more technical problems, all of which I truly enjoyed. Doing an internship at Codole helped me develop my understanding of Machine Learning and its applications. My supervisor was always there to support me and I thank him a lot for sharing his passion and knowledge about data science. My time at Codole was an amazing experience that made me comfortable working with data.
Fabien Durand, Kedge Business School Student

Apply now!

Send us a message and describe projects you've worked on outside of work/school. It would be great to also see your Linkedin, Twitter and HackerNews profiles to learn more about you. For technical profiles, you get bonus points if you are on Github, Stackoverflow, and if you can point to any open source projects you've started or contributed to.